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Ultimate Drive-Thru Solutions

Transform your drive-thru operations into a seamless and high-performing experience with our Drive-Thru Automation Solutions. Explore a range of industry-leading products, including the HME Audio System, HME EOS HD, HME Timer System, HME Zoom Timer System, and the HME Leaderboard.

We are all about the latest technology

Drive-Thru Systems offered by NextGen Technologies consist of the latest sound technology to improve customer and employee communication dramatically. Our solutions guarantee faster service times, greater order accuracy, and increased profitability.

A Complete Drive Thru and Curbside Pickup POS

HME Drive-Thru Audio System

Whether you’re optimizing your store for the latest AI ordering or simply searching for the best drive-thru communication on the market, the NEXEO|HDX communication platform provides all the tools you need to meet your unique business needs, delivered in three unique solutions.

HME Drive-Thru Timer System

Video detection has arrived. An easy add-on to your existing ZOOM Nitro Timer and detectors, video detection offers unmatchable timer visibility from parking lot entry to exit. Plus, the ZOOM Nitro Timer integrates with various POS systems, supports geofencing technology, and provides your choice of multiple detection options. 

HME Drive-Thru Leaderboard

Multi-store ranking is an easy, exciting way to motivate your crew and encourage better results. Crews are motivated to outperform other stores to reach the top of the leaderboard, resulting in improved results across your organization. Rank stores based on car counts, service times, or a different metric. The ZOOM Nitro Leaderboard makes it easy to coach your team and provides new opportunities to celebrate their hard work every day.

Simphony POS Software

Mobile app orders, drive thru window, or phone-based, Simphony Point of Sale centralizes all your orders and supports seamless integrations with popular 3rd-party apps.

Mobile POS Tablets

Get the full functionality of a point-of-sale in a durable tablet. Featuring hot-swappable 8-hour batteries, Wi-Fi, and mobile payment processing, you can serve your drive-thru customers anywhere.

Mobile Ordering & Pickup

Track customer’s location from order to arrival to ensure pinpoint accuracy, no wait time, and maximum efficiency.

Kitchen Display Systems

Automate order routing from every sales channel direct to the kitchen, and stagger preparation in alignment with promise times.

Seamless Service and Unparalleled Speed with Drive-Thru Timer System

Our Drive-Thru Timer Systems offer comprehensive operational insights for faster and superior customer experiences. Our all-new video detection feature seamlessly extends vehicle tracking beyond the menu, encompassing pre-menu, pull-forward, and curbside pickup areas. Gain valuable insights into the entire customer journey while keeping your team motivated with engaging contests, awards, avatars, real-time feedback, and playful banter.

Fuel Performances with Drive-Thru Leaderboard

Boost employee motivation and drive exceptional performance with the HME Leaderboard. This dynamic feature allows for multi-store ranking, igniting friendly competition among your crews and inspiring them to outperform other stores. By ranking stores based on car counts, service times, or any metric of your choice, the HME Leaderboard empowers you to coach your team effectively and celebrate their hard work daily on Delphi Display. Witness improved results throughout your organization as your crews strive to reach the pinnacle of success.

Audio System For Seamless Sound & Unmatched Performance

The NextGen Drive Thru Audio System transcends drive-thru communication, extending its reach to vital areas of your business, driving productivity, and surpassing service expectations. Engineered for an industry that evolves rapidly, our Drive Thru Audio System stands as the first communication platform designed to scale alongside your business. Elevate the drive-thru ordering experience with crystal-clear HME EOS HD, enhance efficiency with group conversations, optimize workflows with voice commands, and more. More than just the next generation of drive-thru headsets, the PAR Audio System represents a comprehensive communication solution that spans both internal and external operations.

Reliable Service and Repairs for Seamless Drive-Thru Operations

Count on our team of factory-trained technicians to deliver top-notch service and repairs for our drive-thru HME timer systems. With a commitment to quality, we exclusively use HME-certified parts, ensuring dependable performance and satisfaction. Experience reduced downtime with our unique advanced exchange service, providing replacement equipment within 24 hours to minimize costly disruptions to your operations. Trust our experts to keep your drive-thru running smoothly, so you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers. Experience peace of mind with our guaranteed service and repairs.

Interactive Drive-Thru Digital Menu Board

Say goodbye to static, outdated menus and welcome dynamic, eye-catching displays that showcase your offerings in vivid detail. With customizable layouts, stunning graphics, and seamless content updates, our Digital Menu Board revolutionizes the way you present your menu to customers. Whether you’re in the restaurant, retail, or hospitality industry, our Digital Menu Board is designed to captivate, inform, and drive sales.

Innovative Drive-Thru Customer Order Display

Designed to optimize order accuracy and streamline communication, our display system revolutionizes the drive-thru experience for both customers and staff. With clear and easy-to-read visuals, customers can effortlessly verify their orders, minimizing errors and ensuring satisfaction. For your team, the display provides real-time order information, improving efficiency and reducing misunderstanding.
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