VBET Call Center Headsets

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VBET Call Center Headsets

Providing your call center agents with suitable headsets is crucial to ensure maximum productivity. It’s important to consider factors such as comfort, noise reduction, and reliability when selecting headsets for your agents. If the headsets become uncomfortable to wear after prolonged use, it can significantly impact your agents’ efficiency, even if they work remotely. Inadequate noise reduction can result in unprofessional calls and loss of information during communication between agents and callers. Additionally, no one wants headsets that break down after only a few weeks or months of use. While a professional is never supposed to blame their tools, a strong performance requires the right equipment. Call center agents know that the wrong call center headsets have a drastic impact on a company’s bottom line. For example, studies are showing that low sound quality impacts a speaker’s credibility to listeners. Dropped calls, irate customers, and miscommunication aren’t a problem for call center agents equipped with quality call center technology.

VBET's Product

Various IP phone brands such as Polycom, Yealink, Avaya, and more can be used with virtual reality headsets.

VT 1000

Entry Level Headset

VT 2000

Cost-Effective Headset

VT 3000

Light Weight Voice Tube

VT 5000

Noise Cancellation Mic

Benefits For Professional Call Center Headset

VT headsets offer solutions for various workplaces such as offices, call centers, and customer service centers. Our business headsets are designed to provide all-day comfort and high-quality sound, especially for customer service staff. This helps to enhance the call experience and improve work efficiency.


VT headsets can be compatible with IP Phones like Polycom, Yealink, Avaya, Unify Mitel(Aastra), Grandstream, Alcatel, Huawei, NEC, Panasonic, Fanvil, Snom, Sangoma, etc.

Office & Hybrid Office

All VT headsets provide your team with more innovative working options in any workplace environment—Best-in-class audio quality, with all-day comfort and proven durability. Customer Service Center Insight into global service trends, VT has supplied professional headsets for thousands of companies and met the high demand for call centres. Customer service staffs benefit from the superior sound quality.

Call Center Systems

RJ9 headsets with the dial pad are a good match for call centres because of their cost-effectiveness. It has become the best choice for someone who spends lots of time on the telephone, such as Phone sales, Telephone Counseling Services, banks, etc.
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